Under this title, all sorts of recorded Blin songs and music are presented. Some of the traditional and modern Blin singers and musicians are also introduced. Traditional Blin songs and dances include poetic performances called chefera (or hlay), wesomia, sissiit, golya-welila, and the occasional celebratory performances like älelewo-welelewo (during wedding), and berij (adult male's sword performance). Almost all of them are accompanied by the drum, kelembura, the playing of which is a female role in Blin society. Since the 1950s, sissiit is also accompanied by a harmonica, famfam, also called mandika (etc). While this is still the order of the day in the rural areas, the younger generations artists have been transforming the traditional performances and music, nowadays also using musical instruments like guitar, organ and kirar to accompany their songs. These were all folk dances not available to the market before the independence in 1991. However, since 2000's, many Blin artists, both in Eritrea and abroad, have been producing cassettes, CDs and DVDs for an un-satiated market with collaborative prices both in Eritrea and abroad.

It was during the mid-1960s that Blin dance songs, accompanied by the drum, started to be recorded for the first time. One of such songs is called wenajelderi, which means,you (girl) who is swaying in dance . This sissit dance song was sang by a folk dance group, representing the Blin people at the annual music festival at Addis Ababa, during the Ethiopian occupation time. The song leader of the group was one of the popular Blin singers of that time, called Amleset Ogbamariam (Mss.). Another poetic song of chefera, accompanied by the drum, by the popular chefera singer, Mr. Abrehe Ammar, was recorded for the first time in 1974. After that time, Blin singers like Mss. Mehret Zerehannes, Mss. Hajjayit Mindal and others joined the revolution, and their revolution inspired Blin songs, which were accompanied by modern instruments was recorded for the first time around 1977-78. The Blin Language Forum needs the cooperation of all people, and especially, Blin singers and musicians on collecting and providing this website with both old and new recorded Blin songs and music, so that it can be preserved and provided to the public online.






Dafla Itman 1915-1997

Poems-Ynaderi Fitret: 1   2   3




Amleset Uqbamariam






Abrehe Ammar

Chefera-lxa sabur kebtela-1974




Mehret Zerehans(1977)

Blin Sisiit, Golia & Wosomia




Mehret Zerehans(1978-79)

Selam Akhro Kumodai




Hajayit Mindal




Mehret Zerehans

Bukwana Asteruxw





Habtat Zerezghi






Mohamed Affa

Wo blina keren Jirafiori




Alamin Hasebela

Entigra Eritrea





Melekin Atombes

Gewraxr kesherdaxr





Fatna Ibrahim






Yonas Menghistu

Menderina greri




Elias Mesmer

Gset kabr shakhreri




Solomon Yohannes





Medhanie Habtu

Hnbginxa hnbeli



Melake Tewolde

Shixaruld shixardi milmli



Andom Tekie

Alelewo wolelewo




The two Sisters Yirgalem &





Yirgealem Teclesenbet

Kelebrile wo yma



Sara Teclesenbet





Naseh Habtom




Temano W. Hizbay




Kidane Tesfu

Lula tamitreri