Reply by Thomas G. Cheway


To the Blin Language Forum ( 22.05.2014


Dear all,

First, I would like to congratulate you all in creating such a vital website in gathering facts and putting together relevant information as well as preserving and keeping the desperately needed record on one site for future generations.


I would also like to thank you for the invitation to participate, and consultation regarding my book to be posted on the website I feel honoured to share my gift with my brothers and sisters. As a writer the book may belong to me, however, the ownership belongs to the people of Bogos themselves as it is all about them and the Eritrean people in general.


As you have already indicated on the website, it is a non-political and non-religious website. I would like to emphasise, it is imperative for me, the people of Bogos, and the Eritrean people in general that the rich wealth of linguistic and socio cultural information and identity of our people not to be betrayed by any website or individuals and/or groups. As holders of this information it is automatically bestowed upon us to take good care and protect the wellbeing and identity of our people and their information. It should not be open to be used for promoting political and religious aspiration of any individuals or groups. It should not be used in any way that negatively impacts the Bogos society or the Eritrean people. It is done in a good faith and spirit in enhancing the wellbeing of our people. Thus, it should only be used in a positive way. As noted in the book, our socio cultural and tradition as well as our religion do not allow for any negativity as rooted on positive and harmony attitude of our people and the principle of “Aeib”. Therefore, those who would like to use our people at all cost in promoting their own political, religious aspiration should be prevented and held accountable for any misuse by ignoring the principle of “Aeib”.  This is the only way we can be true to ourselves and our people.  If we manage to do so, then our hard work would able to achieve its goals and objectives as well as it can be sustainable and future generation would able to benefit from its fruits.


As Dr. Senay Stefanos said “Separated by Space and Time, United by Love and Care”. In this information era yes we are one; we are just a finger click away. We can combine our talents and efforts in one for our identity and for the wellbeing of our people.


Progress together to secure better future! Nawk Dabern’n.

Your Brother, Thomas Cheway